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01.11 Installation Ideation Assignment

Assignment Deliverables

  • Scanned images of analog sketches or assembled files of digital sketches (.png or .jpg)
  • Written description explaining your ideas (.pdf or .docx)
  • Label all files YYYYMMDD Lastname First Name Short Description (20230901 Kuehnle Jimmy ideation sketch 1.jpg)
  • Upload your files before class next week


During the initial phase of ideation we should not limit or censor our ideas. If an idea occurs to you, no matter how infeasible or ridiculous, explore it. For this installation you will incorporate light and sound in an accessible and universally designed exhibition. The final exhibition will be a combination and collaboration of the individual ideas of the group. How multiple ideas are connected together will be decided by the group. For now, work on your own to develop a multitude of concepts and possibilities. By having each member of the class make ideation sketches we will have more options to work from as we develop the ideas further next week.

You are expected to work on your ideation sketches for ~4.5 hours. This included documentation and upload time. So if it takes ~45 minutes to assemble, label and upload your files, then you have 3.75 hours for sketching and research.


  • Review all of the artists on the artist reference page . Click on the links that go to the different artist webpages and gallery websites. Watch a portion of all of the videos.
  • Look up additional installation, sound, and light artists and artworks.
  • Write down what you find interesting about various works. You can use this for inspiration for your ideas.
  • Draw numerous different ideas. This is important. You should have a collection of ideas that are not the same.
  • Then iterate on those ideas to refine them.
  • You can draw on the printed floor plans or draw on photos taken in the gallery.
  • You can use the provide 3D model of the gallery to make sketches of ideas.
  • Explore generative AI tools such as generative fill in Photoshop (Beta)
  • Each scan should represent one page of sketches. Each digital file should represent the equivalent of one sketchbook pages. This allows for the files to be “flipped through” for easy viewing and review of ideas.

Grading Rubric

Amount of Sketches (4.5 hours work)20
Depth and Variety of Ideas20
Use of Light20
Use of Sound20
Written Description10
Quality of Scans / Digital Images10

3D Modeling Resources

Photoshop Generative Fill