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01.07 Draw a Floor Plan with Blender

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After an image of a floor plan is imported into Blender and then adjusted for the correct scale, then 3D model geometry needs to be created. It is easiest to draw the outline of the floor plan while looking down from the top view. A simple floor plan can be drawn with straight edges.

  1. Adjust your view port so you are looking down on the imported floor plan.
  2. Press Shift > A to create a new mesh edge.
  3. Press Tab to switch to edit mode.
  4. By default, edit mode should be set to editing points or vertices. If it is not, then click the “dot” icon at the top left or press 1.
  5. Select one of the points on the first edge. Press G, then press Shift+Z to constrain the motion to the ground plane.
  6. Move the point to a corner of a feature on the floor plan. Repeat fro the other point.
  7. With one of the points selected, press E to extrude another edge. Move this edge to the next feature corner on the floor plan.
  8. Repeat this process until you have gone all the way around the perimeter of the floor plan.
  9. This created polygon floor can be extruded up

Link to basic 3D Model of Gallery

Basic Gallery Model for use in Blender

You can use this basic prebuilt model of the gallery for your ideation. Link to Blender file

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