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01.01 Introduction

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Before any work can begin on an art installation, the location needs to be assessed and understood. A visit to the site is best but much information can be gathered from photographs, floor plans, and site plans. This information is used to create sketches and a virtual model of the installation space for visualization and ideation. Installation art, unlike discrete works of art that can be exhibited in any space, generally takes into account the specifics of the space for the realization of the work.

3D modeling allows an artist to quickly create a to scale virtual representation of the installation. Different ideas and iterations cam then be placed into the space to check for sizing, visuals, and function. Through a process of ideation and iteration, a lot of time an resources can be saved by planning in a virtual space before moving forward with a concept.

In the first part of this installation course, students will learn how to create a 3D model of a space from a provided floor plan and then collaboratively ideate different possibilities and visions for the space.

Learning Objectives

  • Read a gallery floor plan or a location site plan
  • Import plan into 3D modeling software
  • Accurately scale drawing in 3D modeling program
  • Model 3D shell of the space
  • Create ideation sketches for installation art concepts

Key Terms

  • floor plan
  • site plan
  • drawing scale
  • ideation