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11.03 Long Signal Wires

Cat 5 Wire

Ethernet Cable comes with twisted pair wires that are designed for single transmission. They are easily found since many come bundles with consumer electronics devices

Ethernet Cable

Connection Module

To get a Cat 5 cable to connect to and Arduino, use a module.

Cat 5 Module

Capacitors for Noise

Use Cat 5 and one pair for power / GND and the other pair for signal and GND. A 100 nf ceramic capacitor from the Arduino input pin to ground can help filter out RF interference

Bypass Capacitors

Decoupling Capacitor Tutorialexternal link

Difference between bypass / decoupling capacitorsexternal link

RS422 or RS485

Use RS422 or RS485 and twisted pair need MAX485 TTL to RS-485 Interface Module

Voltage Drop Calculatorexternal link

Without using specific module - debouncingexternal link may help with just plain twisted pair wires.