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11.00 - Introduction

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Signal wires are an excellent and reliable way to send information from sensors to an Arduino or from an Arduino to a device, but eventually there is a practical limit to the length of wires.Even before length limits are reached, wires may be undesirable due to a project design that involves moving parts or a weather station in a hard to reach location. Wireless communication is common in everyday life and can also be used with microcontrollers to expand the communication capabilities in electronics projects.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about different types of wireless communication
  • Solder a decoupling capacitor on a 2.5 GHz radio module
  • Send a “Hello World” message with radio signals
  • Send a “Hello World” message with Wi-Fi
  • Blink an LED from a cell phone via a local web server

Key Terms

  • radio signals
  • 2.4 GHz
  • Wi-Fi
  • ESP8266
  • ESP32
  • Web Server
  • Decoupling Capacitor
  • Sender
  • Receiver