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09.06 LED Strip Wiring Exercise

Assignment Deliverables

  • 5-10 second video of LED Strip running FastLED Demo Code
  • Label file YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname LED Strip Wiring.mp4 (mp4, mv4, mov)


LEDs are fun to control but if you use individual LEDs then your microcontrollwer will quickly run out of GPIO pins. Addressable LEDs overcome this limitation by sending a signal through all of the LEDs that tells each individual LED what color and brightness to operate at. This usually only requires 1 to 2 wires.

Using the fastLED library examples , enter the correct LED protocol, LED pin number on the Arduino, and the number of LEDs. We are using strips of 7 LEDs that work with WS2811 protocol using only 1 data line.


fastLED Example

Grading Rubric

Wiring to LED Strip20 points
Crimp Connectors Used20 points
Video Documentation40 points
File Management10 points