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07.03 Assemble Prototype of Final Project

Assignment Deliverables

  • Physical prototype of project with as many components working as possible. Function and proof of concept demonstrations are more important that looks or appearance.
  • Photo / Video of prototype function uploaded.

Assignment Overview

Testing components in isolation can only go so far. Eventually a project needs to be assembled at scale with multiple components to see how everything is working together. Midway through a project before its deadline is a good time to test a prototype. This allows for enough time to fix issues and problems.

  • Assemble your project with as many of the parts as possible.
  • The physical structure of the project should be moving away from tape and cardboard. More permanent materials and fastening methods should be used.
  • Components, sensors, motors, relays, buttons, should be securely attached in the locations that they will be in the final project.
  • Longer wires will be needed to connect the electronic components
  • It is important that you can “disconnect” longer wires from component boards so you can disassemble and transport your project.