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06.05 Fabricate Project Structure

Assignment Deliverables

  • Bring to class, physical progress representing of 4 - 5 hours of work on the structure components of the project
  • 2 - 3 photos of structure fabrication uploaded (.png or .jpg or .heic)
  • Brief 3 - 5 sentence description of next steps needed to complete the structure components of the project (.docx or .pdf)

Assignment Overview

You now have a prototype triangle written for your project as well as a pseudo-code sketch with various needed functions. You also have some working hardware and code. To prepare for the presentation of working prototypes in two weeks, progress must be made on the structure components of the project. Having dedicated structure to hold (a speaker, potentiometer, stepper motor, servo motor, LEDs, wireless transmitters, buttons, perfume, relays, the arduino) is essential to move the project from a jumble of wires on a table to a real electronic art experience.

Now that some decisions have been made on hardware, decisions need to be made about the structure. As pieces of the structure are completed and assembled, they will guide how the code and hardware will interact. There will be limitations to the structure and we want to know these so the project can accommodate them as much as possible.


Look at the instructions that you wrote yourself in the prototype triangle. Do the things that are written there?

  • Do you need to cut wood or metal?
  • Do you need to laser cut?
  • Are you ready to 3D Model a form and print it?
  • Can you weld armatures and structure?
  • What is the next set of things you need to do to make the structure?

Do them.

This is the main part of your homework this week. You should make substantive progress on the physical structure. Of course you can and should continue to work on the code an hardware, but focus on having a built structure so we can make the code and hardware do something.