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05.05 Project Prototype Triangles

Assignment Deliverables

Upload a “ Prototyping Triangle ” document that contains 3 lists:

  1. List of hardware components
  2. List of software / code components
  3. List of structure components

For each item in each list:

  1. Write a description on how it contributes to the whole project.
  2. What is the status in terms of completion?
  3. What is the next step to make progress on the component?

Assignment Overview

Now that we have moved past the initial proposal stage of out electronics projects, we need to begin making a prototype. Trying to make the prototype all at once can be overwhelming and impossible. Then we will break the project into three main components, hardware, software, and structure. Then we will break those big components down into their individual components. Adding descriptions for each component forces you to articulate why it is part of the project and what task or function it performs. Finally, stating the next physical action needed to make progress on the component gives us an instruction manual of what to do next. What is the next physical action? It could be browsing the web to find a module, or code. It could be trying to get the code to work without delay();. It could be cutting cardboard or plywood into a support structure. If could be writing down a list of questions for your instructor. Think about what would you do as the absolute next step if the only thing you had to do in life was complete that component.


Prototyping Triangles