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03.05 Combine Two Sketches

Assignment Deliverables

  • Arduino .ino file. This is the saved sketch file from the Arduino IDE of the combined sketches.
  • Photo of the electronics hooked up on the breadboard of the combined sketches
  • 5-10 second video of everything working or if code doesn’t compile a video of it not working

Do your best. It may not work and there may be errors that you cannot fix. That is ok but give it valid attempt.

Assignment Overview

Now that we have multiple different sensors lets look at how we can combine two Arduino Sketches .

Pick two of the example sketches we worked with so far in the course. It is bet to use these examples that don’t use the delay(); function.

  • Arduino Fade
  • Arduino Blink Without Delay
  • Arduino Button Debounce
  • Servo Knob Without Delay
  • Microphone control LED
  • NewPing Library Ultrasonic Sensor