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2.09 Break Project Idea into Components

Assignment Deliverables

A list of the main different components of your project concept at this time. Each item should have a sentence or two description of what it is and how it fits into the project.


We have initial thoughts and ideas for final projects. These will likely change and get refined over time.

In most large projects it is helpful to break the whole into smaller components. That way each piece can be considered and troubleshooted individually without holding up progress. Impossible items can be found and modified quickly before it is too late to change.

For example, if you wanted to make a toaster you might break it up into the following list:

  • Get electricity to device? How much?
  • Make way to heat toast
  • Design place for toast to sit
  • Add clock or timer
  • Add sensor to determine if toast is done
  • Design mechanism to eject toast
  • Determine distribution of heat
  • Have user input to decide on “doneness”

Then each part can be investigated and experimented with individually.

There will be many parts of your project you might have no idea how to do. No problem. Do your best to describe each thing that must happen for your project to work.


The final projects must at a minimum:

  • Have user input
  • Sense the environment
  • Do something based on this information