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01.09 Project Proposals

Assignment Deliverables

Upload scanned sketches and writing about 3 different project ideas.

Label files in sequence YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname project idea 1.jpg

You may also compile all the information into a single PDF.


This course guides students through a semester long research project. We will begin that process now. In the beginning wee will explore many ideas and possibilities. These will most likely change as the semester goes on and as you learn more techniques and concepts. We will also explore other assignments and projects during the course in addition to the culminating semester long project.

You will keep a weekly project log documenting your project. You should collect your notes, photographs, videos, screenshots of research each week and compile it. The initial project ideation and sketches this week will be the beginning of your project log. We will document the ups and downs along the way to the outcome.

The best way to learn something is to have a reason for learning it. Your semester long project will continue to give you reasons to learn things. Each of you will need to accomplish different tasks and therefore may learn different things as a result. The motivation to complete the project in the way that you want will guide you on the learning path. Make sure that the project is something that excites you.

Don’t worry about being stuck with a project you don’t like from the first week. Your project will most definitely change along the way. You can change it completely anytime you want but we need to start somewhere so we will start with ideas and sketches.

After completing the reference artist research and independent research, take a moment to digest the work that you saw. Reread your notes about what you liked and what your were interested in. Think about your current studio work and where that might fit in. Draft a project proposal about concepts that you want to create.


  1. Begin with simple writing. Take a sentence or two and simply write down what you want to do. Be clear and direct. Anyone that reads these sentences should have a good idea of the project. Do this for a minimum of 3 unique project ideas.
  2. Imagine what the project might look like. It could be completely in a virtual world, made of concrete, or completely auditory. Even if it uses sound, there will be speakers, controllers, wires, possibly stands …
  3. Make thumbnail sketches of possible ways it could look. Intentionally make different ideas and concepts to see which might be better.
  4. For each of the three ideas make larger more detailed sketches to explore what might be possible.
  5. After looking at your sketches, make a brief written summary of each project idea. What does it do? What happens when?
  6. Scan and label your sketches as YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname idea 1.jpg Scan as many pages as needed.
  7. Upload your scanned pages or digital images if you sketched digitally. You can also upload digital writing if you wrote digitally.