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01.08 Artist Research

Assignment Deliverables

Upload a 3-9 slide presentation.

Label the presentation YYYYMMDD Lastname Firstname Artist Research.pptx


Review the list of reference artists in the previous module. Take notes and make a list of things that you find interesting. Also make a list of things you didn’t like. In both cases briefly elaborate on your reasons. Go through all the artists to see a wide variety of work. Some you will be more engaged with than others.

Part of the challenge of learning new media and techniques is deciding what to do. It is difficult because you may not be aware of what can be done so can’t imagine it. Use these reference artists as inspiration and information on possibilities that can be accomplished with electronic art.

Reference Research

  1. Select at least one of the example artists that you particularly like to examine more closely.
  2. As you watch try to identify techniques that they may have used. Are there microphones? LEDs? Motors? Speakers? Flamethrowers? Biofeedback Devices? Motion Detectors? Cameras? Screens? Vibration? Kinetic Motion? among many more possibilities. It may not be obvious how something works but try to think of simple ways it might be done.
  3. Read their website and look for other interesting works. Write down what you think about them.
  4. Put their name in a search engine, look for articles about them or interviews they may have given. Try to learn as much as you can about the artist and their work.
  5. Describe it and what you like about it.

Independent Research

Look through a variety of sources for 2 additional artists not on the list of reference artists that make work relevant or related to the subject matter of this course. Think about what you might be interested in this course. Find example work that is related to projects or concepts that you want to explore. Summarize your findings and thoughts.

  1. Make a 3-9 slide presentation about the 3 artists and their work.
  2. Be prepared to talk 3-6 minutes about your findings.
  3. Upload the slide presentation before class.