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13.02 Mid-Year Presentations

Assignment Deliverables

  1. Install work for mid-year review
  2. Present work to committee members and peers


This week students present work for their mid-year review. Requirements for mid-year reviews from the BFA Thesis Committee guidelines are listed below. Please refer to the form for clarification.

VA BFA Midyear Evaluation Form 2022/2023 1

The Midyear review is an important step in preparation for the BFA presentation & exhibition. For the Midyear, students are expected to:

  1. Have identified and confirmed all committee members with the committee members invited to the Midyear Review two weeks in advance.

  2. Present a selection of personal work that is indicative of the direction the student plans to take their work for the final BFA exhibition. This work should be of sufficient quality and quantity to inspire confidence that the BFA candidate is prepared to move forward.

    * Without adequate work the student will not be allowed to move forward as a candidate for the BFA.

  3. Deliver a Project Statement that includes an artist statement addressing the current work and a statement discussing the work as it will proceed and a description of the practical means through which the work will be realized. (What is the project? How will the project be created?)

  4. Respond to questions from faculty surrounding the work presented and the proposed direction of the work. These questions will relate to the following areas: the sources of the work; the nature of the subject of the work; the processes and methods through which the work has been/will be brought into being and the appropriateness of those choices to the identified subject; the nature of the work itself (what is it?); the reasonable understanding of the work’s reception by a given audience; the context of the work within a contemporary art field. Other questions may be asked in support of these areas.

    It is not expected at the midyear that the student will be able to answer all of the questions posed. It is expected however that the student will demonstrate an ability to understand the questions and the knowledge of your area that comes through work and research.

    The evaluation of the midyear review is made by the student’s Department Chair(s), the department faculty, committee members and the faculty at large.: all faculty and committee members present at the midyear will be given this form to complete for each student presenting.

  5. The final decision concerning whether or not a student moves forward in BFA candidacy is the decision of the Department Chair in consultation with Department faculty and Committee members.

Grading Rubric

The rubric is based on the evaluation criteria on the mid-year review form.

Is there a sufficient amount of work?30 points
Are the execution and materials employed appropriate to the work?30 points
Based on the statement, does the quality of the work meet expectations?30 points
Project Proposal
Is the proposal for the work attainable within the scope of the BFA?20 points
Does the candidate demonstrate an ability to hear and understand the questions being posed?30 points
Does the candidate demonstrate an awareness of the context for their work within the contemporary art field?30 points
Is the candidate’s presentation professional and convincing?30 points

  1. Student requirements from Visual Arts “2023 - 2024 VA BFA Thesis Committee” document  ↩︎