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07.05 Technical Synthesis Two Assignment

Assignment Deliverables


With the completion of the first technical synthesis project, self assessment, and critique, we will begin the second and last technical synthesis project.

Review your self-assessment of the first project. Modify your plans for the new project based on this assessment as well as feedback during critique.

Once more, review your responses to the Sculpture + Expanded Media Technical Inventory Exercise . Make special note of any items in the “What?” category as well as the “Heard Of” category. Choose a minimum of one item each from the “What?”, “Heard Of?”, and “Used Before” categories for both the “Tools / Equipment” and “Skills / Techniques” inventories. Make a plan to create a new piece that uses these newly selected items in its creation.

  1. In the initial stage write down the 6 selected items. Briefly research each one and record your findings.
  2. Write down the next steps needed for you to begin to learn enough about the items to use them in an artwork.
  3. Plan a sequence of learning and making since some steps will need to come before others. Use this sequence as a guide to begin ideation about the planned artwork. These initial ideas will likely change as you gain more experience with new tools and processes.
  4. Complete the artwork as best you can.

The content and form of the artwork is up to you. You may also use tools and techniques from the “Comfortable” and “Well Versed” categories but the 6 items from the “What?”, “Heard Of?”, and “Used Before” categories should each play a significant role in the creation of the piece.

Possible Combinations

Tools / Equipment

  • 1 What? + 1 Heard Of + 1 Used Before
  • 1 What? + 2 Heard Ofs
  • 3 Whats?

Skills / Techniques

  • 1 What? + 1 Heard Of + 1 Used Before
  • 1 What? + 2 Heard Ofs
  • 3 Whats?