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07.02 Technical Synthesis One Self Assessment

Tools and Equipment + Skills and Techniques

  1. Did you research each item from the “What?”, “Heard Of?”, and “Used Before” categories and record your findings and plan a sequence of learning and making?
  2. How did you troubleshoot any problems that arose?
  3. What parts were harder / easier than others? Why?
  4. What obstacles were overcome? Which could not be surmounted? Why?
  5. Did you challenge yourself and learn new things? What did you learn?


  1. Is the artwork complete and to the best of your ability?
  2. Does the artwork use at least six items from the “What?”, “Heard Of?”, and “Used Before” categories?
  3. How did the tools and techniques used change or influence the artwork?
  4. What would you do different if you began the project today?