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06.04 Madmapper Basics

To get started with projection mapping with MadMapper, you will need:

  • MadMapper software
  • A computer, with video out and cables to connect to the projector
  • A projector, preferably a short throw projector
  • An adjustable projector mount is helpful for aligning the projection
  • Video content, generated animations, or images
  • A surface to project on

Setting Up Computer and Projector for Madmapper

  1. Connect the projector to the computer with an HDMI cable or other video cable.
  2. Cover the entire surface / object to be mapped with the projector image.
  3. Make sure that the projector acts as a separate display.
  4. On a Mac computer, make sure the menu bar is on the laptop screen in System Preferences, and that “mirror displays” is unchecked.
  5. On a Windows computer, select “extend these displays”
  6. In Madmapper, click on the projector button and set the projector output as the projector, not your computer monitor. In this menu you can rename the projector and change its resolution.

Setting up a Mapping

  1. Click on the Surface button on the top left.
  2. In the middle of the screen is the project view. This can be changed to show both the content and the projection at the same time or just one. The vertical line icons at the top switch views.
  3. To see the projection on the physical surface, click on the Output menu, and then select Fullscreen. This will switch the project to display mode and show your mapping as it will appear. Press Command T or Control T to exit this mode if you have the wrong display setup.
  4. Select a quad and adjust the size and position of the quad to match a surface that you are projecting on.
  5. Drag in media content or use one of the default generators, and assign it to the quad. Continue to adjust the position of the corners of the quad so it only covers the part of the projection surface that you want.
  6. Continue to add more quads to cover other flat surfaces in the projection. The corners of quads can be snapped together.
  7. Masks can be used to make more complex shapes.

Making a Scene

Switching Scenes

Arduino Firmata

Madmapper Resources