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05.12 How to Use a Juki Sewing Machine

How to Thread a Juki DDL 8700

This tutorial will identify the main components of a Juki DDL 8700 lockstich industrial sewing machine including the bobbin, bobbin case, needle, presser foot, thread winder and stitch length adjustment. This is a very common straight stitch industrial sewing machine.


To complete this tutorial you should be familiar with basic Sewing . You will need:

  • thread
  • a properly sized needle
  • a bobbin
  • a bobbin case
  • Juki DDL 8700


Threading the Jukie DDL 8700

  1. Put two spools of thread onto the spool stand.
  2. Pull the left thread down towards the post on the top of the machine.
  3. Go through the hole from back to front and then over the top through the tensioning discs.
  4. If there are two holes and no disk then go back to front through the top hole and then back to front through the bottom hole.
  5. Bring the thread down and wrap it under the tension discs.
  6. Make sure the thread is in the middle of the tension discs.
  7. You can move the knee lever to open the discs to more easily pull the thread in between.
  8. Pull the thread up and engage the take-up spring.
  9. Pull down and around the large hook.
  10. Pull up and go through the guide on your way to the take-up arm.
  11. Thread through the take-up armhole from right to left.
  12. Pull down through the guide on the left.
  13. Then come down toward the needle and go around the guide on the right of the needle bar.
  14. Then go through the hole on the front of the needle bar.
  15. When looking at needles you’ll notice that there’s a groove on one side and a scarf or notch on the other side.
  16. The scarf or notch needs to face to the right toward the rotary hook.
  17. The groove needs to face to the left.
  18. This makes the needle hole perpendicular to the sewing direction.
  19. Insert the needle fully into the needle bar.
  20. Make a rough adjustment and tighten the screw.
  21. Then do a second adjustment to make sure the scarf is perfectly to the right.
  22. Shining a light on the reflective surface helps.
  23. Then pull the thread through the needle hole from left to right.

Instructions for Winding a Bobbin

  1. Place an empty bobbin on the spindle.
  2. Pull the thread from the right spool down to the bobbin winder.
  3. Put it in the guide hole from right to left.
  4. Go under the tension discs on the bobbin winder.
  5. Give it a wedgie to make sure that the thread is seated in between the tension discs.
  6. Push the automatic stop lever forward to engage the wheel to the drive belt.
  7. Pull the thread under the bobbin and wrap it around a few times.
  8. Create a loop and a half hitch over the side of the bobbin spool and pull it tight.
  9. Press the foot pedal down and wind the bobbin until it is fully filled with thread.
  10. It will automatically stop once full.
  11. Pull the bobbin from the spindle and cut the thread.

Instructions for Loading the Bobbin Case:

  1. Open the bobbin case cover.
  2. Place the bobbin in the bobbin case with the thread coming out of the slit.
  3. Pull the thread under the tension spring and to the retaining hook.
  4. Close the bobbin case cover.

Instructions for threading the bobbin case:

  1. Open the bobbin case cover.
  2. Pull the thread from the bobbin through the hole in the bobbin case.
  3. Thread the needle from left to right.
  4. Close the bobbin case cover.

Using the Juki DDL 8700Machine

  1. Use the knee lever to raise the presser foot.
  2. Place your fabric under the presser foot and lower the presser foot.
  3. Hold the upper thread and manually rotate the wheel on the right of the machine towards you until the lower bobbin thread comes up.
  4. Use a screwdriver or a seam ripper to guide the lower bobbin thread up.
  5. Then take both threads and pull them through the middle of the presser foot and out the back of the machine.
  6. Close the cover plate.
  7. Press the foot lever and it will sew.
  8. You can use the reverse lever to sew backwards.
  9. Whenever using the reverse lever always press it down quickly and firmly.
  10. To adjust the stitch length, turn the stitch length knob.
  11. To adjust the presser foot tension, turn the presser foot tension control knob.
  12. To make a backtack, sew forward a few stitches and then press the reverse lever to sew backwards.
  13. To remove your fabric, use the knee lever to raise the presser foot and then trim the thread.

Juki DDL 8700 Tips:

  • Make sure that the take-up arm and the needle bar are both in their fully upright position before moving or removing fabric.
  • If you do not have both in the fully upright position and try to remove your fabric, the thread will bind on the rotary hook and you will create problems.
  • As you sew and then stop, sometimes the take-up lever will be in the wrong place.
  • Simply use your hand and rotate the wheel on the right side of the machine towards you until both are in the fully upright position.
  • Then you can remove your fabric.
  • It is important to check each time you are ready to move your fabric.
  • Avoid using the manual presser foot lifting lever unless you are working on heavy fabric or multiple layers of fabric, or are working on the machine.
  • Make sure that the thread is properly tensioned. The upper and lower threads should meet in the middle of the fabric.
  • Use the correct needle and thread for the fabric you are sewing.
  • Change the needle regularly, especially if you are sewing heavy-duty fabrics.
  • Keep the machine clean and lubricated.

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