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03.02 Studio Documentation Assignment

Assignment Deliverables

Assignment Overview

Each week during the semester you should document the activities in your studio. You can record video, take photographs, make drawings, write down descriptions, and any other means of documentation. Take more documentation than you think you will need, you can edit later.

Organize the week’s studio progress into a presentable document. This could be a webpage, a PDF, an edited video, an organized folder on Google Drive or other specific presentation means. The documentation should be easily reviewable and contain text explanation of what is displayed.

This assignment is due weekly. Some weeks may have specific prompts but all weeks require documentation of what occurred in the studio.


  • Take photos of everything you do in the studio. Try to vary the type of photograph. Use a tripod or another object with a photo timer to occasionally have photos of you in the studio.
  • Write down what you plan to do in the studio at the beginning of the week.
  • At the end of the week comment on what you accomplished. Explain which parts went according to plan and which parts did not work out.
  • Include in progress and working sketches of projects you are working on.

Grading Rubric

Studio Photos / Images25 points
Written Studio Activity Description25 points