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02.01 Introduction

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Often creativity comes from the combination of new ideas. Some theories posit that imagination or thinking of something new is impossible, so the only way to have “new” concepts is to combine or modify different concepts that one has already been exposed to. If that is true, then to be more creative it is important to have new experiences and challenges. Doing the same or similar thing will not stimulate new thought and new ideas.

This module will introduce ways to step out of your creative comfort zone. Just because you leave your comfort zone doesn’t mean that you can’t come back, it just means that when you come back you will have more information to make new ideas within your zone. You will have grown and expanded your comfort zone to accommodate your new abilities and knowledge.

For homework you examined artist statements of five different artists who each work in different ways from you. Through the examination and discussion of artist statements from other artists, one can begin to find a road map of places to visit on a journey out of their comfort zone.

Learning Objectives

  • Define your creative comfort zone and analyze why it exists
  • Identify creative areas you intentionally avoid
  • Leave your creative comfort zone
  • Create work with previously unknown methods and approaches