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01.01 Introduction

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Developing the ability to generate self-directed work in the studio is an essential task for an artist. This course will help develop the skills and knowledge to use knowledge of current art topics and discussions as a means of sustaining studio production in the context of the contemporary field. Throughout the course you will be expected to develop significant independent work. Different sections of this course will focus on various methods of studio production. This module will guide the production of a snapshot of the current state of your artistic practice. In order to plan a studio research agenda, we need to know where we have been as well as where we are before deciding what to do next. You will be encouraged to examine your art with the most objective eye possible and to question as many assumptions as possible.

Learning Objectives

  • generate self-directed work in the studio
  • examine your art through an objective lens
  • question as many assumptions as possible


  • Artist Statement
  • Studio Visit
  • Studio Journal
  • Studio Research