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Change default screen shot location

defaults write location ~/Screenshots


killall SystemUIServer

Change File Creation Date

// to change the creation date

touch -mt 201308030000 [pathtofile][filename]

// to change the modified date

touch -t 201308030000 [pathtofile][filename]

Show Hidden Files on Mac


Or in Terminal:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO

Then relaunch Finder - right click - hold option

Compare Folders

In order to take out the lines that say “Common subdirectories” you need to feed the result of your diff command into grep -v. So you end up with: diff -r <directory1> <directory2> | grep -v "Common subdirectories:

Unzip Multiple .zip files into a combined folder structure

Useful for unzipping large Google Drive downloads that are split across multiple .zip files. Put all of the files into one directory then open Terminal on a Mac. Change directories to the folder that the zip files are in. Then type the command below.

unzip '*.zip' -d