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When starting a new design project or art project, it is important to go through an ideation sketch process. You need to be able to quickly draw your ideas on paper and cycle through many different iterations of concepts and designs. It can be helpful to make your sketches using technical drawing tools and techniques. You can draw technical sketches freehand and communicate a lot of information by using a third angle projection or isometric crating. This allows you to show others the concepts that are inside your head in a way that they can understand the three-dimensional form of the object or design you want to create. The videos below. Show you how to draw technical drawings both with free hand techniques and using technical drawing tools such as t squares, compasses and triangles.

1. Supplies Needed for Technical Drawing

2. How to Draw Straight Lines

3. Draw Isometric Cube Freehand

4. Draw Isometric Circle Freehand

5. Draw Isometric Cube with a T-Square

6. Draw Isometric Circle with a Compass

7. How to Use Digital Calipers

8. Third Angle Projection Freehand

9. More Complex Third Angle Projection

10. Third Angle Projection with a T-Square

11. Third Angle Projection USB Plug