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Critique No, No’s

(Not allowed without an explanation, give a reason why you think what you do)

Analyze the good and the bad. Keep personal feelings out of the way. Look at the work, what do you see? What do you think about the content as it relates to the assignment objectives? Tell us why. (an evolving and changing student driven collection)

No, No’s

  • I like / don’t like it.
  • It could use some work.
  • You could have done it differently.
  • It does not look right.
  • It is interesting.
  • You need to push it.
  • It needs to pop more.
  • Love it.
  • It’s cute.
  • It does / does not work. (Where is it employed?)
  • It’s weird / awkward.
  • Make it pop.
  • Push it.
  • It looks like …
  • Make it bigger.
  • The only thing I have to say …
  • It’s terrible / It sucks
  • It reminds me of …
  • It is missing something …

Overused Terms

  • Campy
  • Kitsch
  • Index


  • Give all a chance to talk. No stage hogging.
  • Break the silence but once broken raise your hand.
  • Be original unless enhancing a previous statement.
  • Pay attention. Actively listen (no texting). Don’t wander around, look at the piece.
  • Do not speak over someone.
  • No personal attacks or insults. Be respectful.
  • Look at artwork while speaking not at the artist.
  • No touching art without permission.
  • Don’t talk to friends or other classmates during crit.
  • Don’t talk over people. Let them finish what they are saying. Do not interrupt.