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Before donating your artwork to a benefit auction at a gallery or museum ask yourself these questions about the auction to see if you are being taken advantage of.

  1. Is a percentage of sale price given to artist?
  2. Does the artist have a choice to keep that percentage or donate it if they choose?
  3. Is the minimum bid the market price for the artist?
  4. If there a ticket price for the event, does an artist receive a ticket? 2? 1?
  5. Does the artist need to forfeit their portion of sale to receive a ticket?
  6. Does the venue tell the artist who purchased their work and provide contact info?
  7. Does the venue insure the work?

An artist should always have the option of receiving a 50% share of the sale price. An artist should always receive a free ticket to offset their time and labor of bringing the work to and possibly from the space.