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We covered the basics of 3D modeling in Maya earlier in the course. Maya is a robust programs with many more features than could be covered in a semester course, but enough can be learned in a short time in order to create impressive forms, renders and animations.

Maya Basic Modeling Review

The videos below go over the Maya user interface and the basic polygon modeling tools. If you have not used Maya, this is a good place to start. For more introductory modeling techniques, refer to the earlier course module.

Maya Intermediate Modeling Topics

Using Reference Imagery


Room Modeling

User Interface

Basic Character Modeling

Maya Mash Network

Modeling Object Examples

Maya Model a Coffee Cup

Maya Model a Disco Ball

Maya Model a Tennis Ball

Maya Model a Soccer Ball

Maya Model a Golf Ball

Maya Model a Volley Ball

Maya Modeling Review Videos

Maya User Interface

Maya Polygon Modeling Tools

Maya Import vs Reference