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Often it is important that your 3D Digital Model is robust. What does that mean to have a robust model? When you use the dimension of “ply” for the thickness of the plywood you should periodically test different values of “ply” and any other user parameters that you have set. Check to see if you model updates and each piece is referencing the size of other pieces. It is a good idea to change to value of “ply” each time you make a new component or piece of your model to make sure all the parameters are changing the model as expected.

How to Make More Robust Parametric Models for CNC Machining in Fusion 360

In this Fusion 360 tutorial, I will show you how to make more robust parametric models for CNC Machining. A robust parametric model is one that can be easily updated without causing errors or warnings. This is important for CNC Machining because it allows you to quickly and easily make changes to your designs without having to start over from scratch.

Here are some tips for making more robust parametric models in Fusion 360:

  • Use user parameters to define the dimensions of your model. This will make it easy to change the dimensions of your model without having to manually edit the geometry.
  • Create sketches that use sketch constraints to make the sketches fully constrained. This will help to ensure that your model is accurate and stable.
  • Use the mirror command to create symmetrical features. This will help to reduce the amount of geometry you need to create and maintain.
  • Use the combine tool to subtract out unwanted features. This will help to keep your models clean and easy to work with.

By following these tips, you can create more robust parametric models that will make CNC Machining easier and more efficient.