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Learn how to import SVG and DXF files into Fusion 360external link for extrusion. This tutorial covers two methods: importing from your computer and importing from the cloud. Once you have imported your file, you can use it to create sketches, extrusions, and other features in Fusion 360 .

One way to get started with Fusion 360 is to import SVG and DXF files from other programs, such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. You will learn how to import files from your computer and from the cloud. Once you have imported your file, you will be able to use it to create sketches, extrusions, and other features in Fusion 360. You can also use the imported sketch to create patterns on your objects in Fusion 360.

Instructions to Import DXF or SVG into Fusion 360

  1. Open Fusion 360 and create a new project.
  2. Go to the Insert menu and select Insert SVG or Insert DXF.
  3. Select the file you want to import and click Open.
  4. Fusion 360 will ask you which plane you want to place the file on. Select the desired plane and click OK.
  5. Fusion 360 will import the file as a sketch. You can scale, move, and rotate the sketch as needed. How to move an Imported SVG in Fusion 360external link .
  6. Once you are happy with the placement of the sketch, click OK to close the dialog box.
  7. You can now use the sketch to create extrusions, sweeps, and other features in Fusion 360.

Import DXF or SVG to Fusion 360 Video Transcript

When we’re working in Fusion we can make all kinds of sketches and splines and different geometry. Sometimes we may have geometry already created in another program such as Illustrator, Inkscape or another vector program. We can export these files as svgs or dxf files and then we can import them into Fusion and use them as sketches for extrudes or sweeps or any other thing that we would use sketch entities for. There are a number of different ways to insert a sketch into Fusion.

First we want to go up to the insert menu and then we can select insert svg or insert dxf. If I select svg, I can select this svg that iIve already uploaded to my project or I can click insert from computer. Here I have an svg on my desktop, I’ll select it and click open. Then Fusion asks which plane do you want this to go on? I’m going to click this plane and it brings it in as a sketch and it may be large. Go ahead and scale it down, move it into position and then you can rescale it as you wish, and this automatically creates a new sketch. Then I can press ok.

Now i have this sketch here that I can edit. I can also click these entities and do an extrusion. I can make them go out or I can have it cut all the way through if I want to have an m hole through my device of course I could use the sketch command in Fusion but to lay it at something out with typography or to make a complex design, importing an svg or a dxf works really well.

So if you want to upload to your project folder just click on your data panel here you can see the svg that I’ve already uploaded. You can click upload then select your files and this time I’m going to upload this dxf file of the same design then click upload. Close the window and now that’s uploaded, I can go ahead and insert an svg and this time I’ll click the one that’s in the cloud. I’ll select the top face this time and then of course it may be large or not rotated the same way that you want it go ahead and move it and make it the adjustments that you need and then click ok. So now I have a new sketch on the top but this time it’s referencing an image that I put up into the cloud.

So hopefully you have a lot of fun bringing in your designs and using them for extrusions and patterning on your objects in Fusion 360.