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Fusion 360 is a Parametric-Modeling program combined with CAM output for CNC milling , laser cutting , and 3D printing that simplifies going from digital ideas inside the computer to physical output.

Fusion 360 Sculpting

In addition to traditional parametric CAD modeling tools, Fusion 360 also has a sculpting workspace that uses t-splines to make organic forms .

Fusion 360 Rendering

Fusion 360 has a robust local and cloud rendering engine with built in materials. Some materials are fully 3D mapped and seamlessly cover complex shapes and forms. Get started with basic rendering in Fusion 360

Parametric Modeling

Parametric modeling allows the use of variables or parameters to stand in for hard coded dimensions in the 3D model. Instead of defining a dimension “height” as 50mm one could define “height” as “width x 2” where width = 25mm.

Parametric Formulas for Fusion 360

Geodesic Formula for Fusion 360

golden_ratio = (1+sqrt(5))/2 length = width * golden_ratio width = sqrt(4*sphere_radius^2/(1+golden_ratio^2))