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Guide to 3D Modeling and Animation with Adobe Mixamo

Auto Rigging in Mixamo

  1. Introduction to Mixamo

    • Learn about Adobe’s Mixamo and its capabilities in 3D character modeling and animation.
  2. Uploading Your Character Mesh

    • Step 1: Select ‘Upload Character’ in Mixamo.
    • Step 2: Choose your character file (FBX or OBJ) for upload.
    • Step 3: Rotate your character as needed to ensure it faces forward.
  3. Auto-Rigging Process

    • Step 4: Place rig markers accurately, starting with the chin and then the wrists.
    • Step 5: Adjust the position of wrists, elbows, and chin markers for asymmetrical models.
    • Step 6: Choose the type of skeleton for your character (e.g., with or without detailed fingers).
  4. Animating Your Character

    • Step 7: Select from a variety of pre-animated scenes or apply your motion capture.
    • Step 8: Customize animations by adjusting height, duration, or mirroring them.
  5. Downloading and Using Animations in 3D Software

    • Step 9: Download the animation with or without skin and keyframe reduction.
    • Step 10: Import the downloaded FBX file into 3D software like Blender or Maya.
    • Step 11: Blend and interact different animations in your 3D project.
  6. Final Steps

    • Step 12: Explore advanced features and tools within Mixamo and your 3D software.
    • Step 13: Share your creations and experiences in the comments for community engagement.

Additional Resources

Mixamo Auto Rig Video Tutorial external link