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Blender User Interface Quick Start

The official Blender Online Documentationexternal link is a great place to get started with the basics of Blender as well as explore advanced topics.

Blender Keyboard Shortcuts

Blender Default Keymapexternal link

Blender Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

Blender KeyAction
HOME (win) or fn+Left ArrowFrame all
NUMPAD . (can be customized)Frame selected
tabtoggle edit / object mode
1vertex mode
2edge mode
3face mode

Blender Mouse Controls

Mouse ControlAction
middle mouse buttonorbit camera
shift + middle mouse buttonpan camera
scroll wheelzoom camera

Blender Introduction

Blender default scene

Blender Default Scene with cube

The official online Blender Reference Manualexternal link is a good place to learn the basics and investigate advanced topics.

Blender Basic Modeling

Blender User Interface

Blender Hole in Cube

Blender Beginner Polygon Modeling Tutorial

Further Blender Modeling Topics

Blender Merge Vertices

Blender Auto Mirror

Blender Inset Across Mirror Modifier

Blender Low Poly Car Model

Blender Bevel and Sub D

Blender Hard Surface Plates

Blender Move Objects